Who can join the Pact

Business led action is at the heart of all Plastics Pacts. The India Plastics Pact invites the whole plastics value chain to get involved –

Packaging Producers
Branded Manufacturers
Waste Collection
Recycling Organisation
Food Service Operators

Membership Benefits

  • Demonstrate dynamic industry leadership and highlight your actions and achievements
  • Access to expert, impartial advice on sustainable plastics
  • Create new cross-value partnerships with businesses, NGOs and governments to catalyse progress towards national targets
  • Opportunities to engage with other international Plastics Pacts – sharing insights, accelerating change and benefitting businesses’
  • Access to research, innovation and technical guidance
  • The opportunity to help shape the India Plastics Pact’s targets, roadmap and workstreams
  • The opportunity to get involved in unique collaborative, cross sector projects tackling plastic waste

Everyone has a role to play

Launched in September 2021, the India Plastics Pact is still growing, so if you wish to join, please reach out to the Secretariat

Become a Member