A circular plastics economy
The first of its kind in Asia
India Plastics Pact
India Plastics Pact

What is it?

The India Plastics Pact is an ambitious, collaborative initiative that aims to bring together businesses, governments and NGOs to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics in their value chain.

The Pact aims to transform the current linear plastics system into a circular plastics economy that will:

  • Reduce the use of problematic plastics in India

  • Retain valuable materials in the economy for use in other products
  • Generate jobs, investment and opportunities in the plastics system in India

The India Plastics Pact aims to promote public-private collaborations that enable solutions to eliminate the plastic waste problem in India and bring innovation to the way plastic is designed, used and reused.

The vision, targets and ambition of the India Plastics Pact are aligned with the circular economy principles of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy.

Why does India need a Plastics Pact?

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million tonnes of plastic waste India generates annually

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40 %

plastic waste goes uncollected

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43 %

all plastics produced in India are used for packaging, majority of them being single-use

How will it work?

The Pact is creating a unified national framework for a circular economy for plastics with aligned targets and associated reporting by the plastic businesses in India

It is a platform for collaboration, learning and tangible action towards plastic waste problem

All plastic-packaging business and other stakeholders in the value chain support to join a set of ambitious, time-bound targets, ensuring that this collaboration will drive significant change to the plastic waste problem in India by 2030
The India Plastics Pact will also build on the positive work started by other initiatives to tackle the plastic waste problem in India and help scale up and disseminate good practices

Supporting the Plastics Pact

WWF India and CII call on stakeholders from across the plastics value chain to join, support and take steps towards a circular economy. The India Plastics Pact will align with  Plastics Pacts around the world, which share the same overarching vision: to change the way plastics are designed, used, and reused to transition to a circular economy where plastics never become waste.

Plastics Pacts: a growing global movement

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“The India Plastics Pact is about action on one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues and WRAP is delighted to be able to share our expertise with CII and WWF-India. This important new programme will drive forward coordinated action to deliver ambitious targets. It will transform the use of plastics across India, just as we are doing in the UK, Europe, US, Canada, South Africa and Chile. I look forward to working and then supporting the India Plastics Pact for years to come.’’

  • Marcus Gover

"Innovation, collaboration and voluntary commitments contextualised for India and led by Indian companies will help the transition to a circular economy for plastics"

  • Ms. Seema Arora
  • Deputy Director General, CII

"The India Plastics Pact provides a strong platform for Indian businesses to drive actionable, sustainable solutions and accelerate the transition toward a circular economy.”

  • Mr. Arvind Wable
  • President, WWF India

“Protecting the climate and environment is a key pillar of the 2030 Roadmap agreed by PMs Johnson and Modi, which sets out the UK and India’s shared ambition over the next decade. The UK is proud to be India’s biggest European research partner, with £400 million of joint investment in research and innovation since 2008. Through joint efforts by CII, WWF India, the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), UK Research and Innovation, and members of the India Plastics Pact, this first of its kind initiative in Asia will complement India’s other bold initiatives in the renewables sector and efforts to limit single-use plastics.”

  • Alexander Ellis
  • British High Commissioner to India

“Our 2030 vision is to integrate circularity in packaging across our entire product portfolio as well as reduce our overall emissions footprint through innovation and responsible production techniques. Participation in a strategic impact leadership forum like the India Plastics Pact will enable us to accelerate this journey and also support in making India, the epicentre of sustainable development, now and into the future.”

  • Jitendra Mahajan
  • Marico

As a social enterprise, we are working closely with the brands. The three fundamental aspects we would like to see happen through this Pact is better infrastructure for managing all kinds of plastic waste, recycling infrastructure, collection systems that will be mindful of the large informal sector that is currently doing this work. We look at this Pact working closely and collaboratively with the government so we can reach out the smaller parts or rural India where the problem is growing exponentially.

  • Wilma Rodriguez
  • Saahas Zero Waste

We recognize that when we bring our international Plastics Pact experience to India there are challenges in the ecosystem of resources, availability of materials, technology, financing etc. This is the right, collaborative approach where we have all the industries.

  • Anurag Priyadarshi
  • Tata Consumer Products

I welcome the fundamental approach of collective work and shared knowledge, working together the common objective of a circular economy. The approach that recognizes the fundamental value of plastic and what it brings to us.

  • Sanjib Bezbaroa
  • ITC

Unless we make specific and measureable commitments, we cannot address the challenges facing the players in this industry.

  • Rashi
  • Banyan Nation

The plastics problem is too big to solve alone. Movement to circular economy requires system level change beyond the industry which is why it’s important to work with governments, industry bodies, suppliers, ULBs, NGOs, customers and consumers to find solutions.

  • Willem Uijen
  • HUL

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