A circular plastics economy,
The first of its kind in Asia
India Plastics Pact
India Plastics Pact....coming soon!

What is it?

The India Plastics Pact is an ambitious, collaborative initiative that aims to bring together businesses, governments and NGOs across the whole value chain to set time-bound commitments to reduce plastics from their value chains.

The Pact aims to transform the current linear plastics system into a circular plastics economy that will:

  • Reduce the use of problematic plastics
  • Retain valuable materials in the economy for use in other products
  • Generate jobs, investment and opportunities in the plastics system in India

The India Plastics Pact aims to promote public-private collaborations that enable solutions to eliminate the plastics we do not need, bring innovation to packaging design, and to capture the value of the plastics we use.

The vision, targets and ambition of the India Plastics Pact are aligned with the circular economy principles of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy.

Why does India need a Plastics Pact?

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million tonnes of plastic waste India generates annually

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40 %

plastic waste goes uncollected

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43 %

all plastics produced in India are used for packaging, majority of them being single-use

How will it work?

The Pact will create a unified national framework for a circular economy for plastics with aligned targets and associated reporting.
It will provide a platform for collaboration, learning and tangible action.
All stakeholders will support a joint set of ambitious and time-bound targets, ensuring that this collaboration will drive significant change by 2030 (subject to confirmation).
The Indian Plastics Pact will also build on the positive work started by other initiatives and help scale up and disseminate good practice more.
30 May

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Supporting the Plastics Pact

WWF India and CII call on stakeholders from across the plastics value chain to join, support and take steps towards a circular economy. The India Plastics Pact will align with  Plastics Pacts around the world, which share the same overarching vision: to change the way plastics are designed, used, and reused to transition to a circular economy where plastics never become waste.

Plastics Pacts: a growing global movement

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