India Plastics Pact

What is it?

The India Plastics Pact is an ambitious, collaborative initiative that is bringing together businesses, governments and NGOs to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastics in their value chain.

The Pact aims to transform the current linear plastics system into a circular plastics economy that will:

  • Reduce the use of problematic plastics in India

  • Retain valuable materials in the economy for use in other products
  • Generate jobs, investment and opportunities in the plastics system in India

The India Plastics Pact aims to promote public-private collaborations that enable solutions to eliminate the plastic waste problem in India and bring innovation to the way plastic is designed, used and reused.

The vision, targets and ambition of the India Plastics Pact are aligned with the principles of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Plastics Initiative towards a circular economy.

Our Vision

A world where plastic is valued and doesn’t pollute the environment

Introducing the India Plastics Pact

IPP & EPR: jointly solving the plastic crisis

Testimonials from the growing network

How will it work?

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The Pact is creating a unified national framework for a circular economy for plastics with aligned targets and associated reporting by the plastic businesses in India


All plastic-packaging business and other stakeholders in the value chain support to join a set of ambitious, time-bound targets, ensuring that this collaboration will drive significant change to the plastic waste problem in India by 2030

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It is a platform for collaboration, learning and tangible action towards plastic waste problem

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The India Plastics Pact will also build on the positive work started by other initiatives to tackle the plastic waste problem in India and help scale up and disseminate good practices

*These would only include compostable plastics with all the following properties:

  1. do not leave any microplastic residue,
  2. used in closed-loop and controlled systems with sufficient infrastructure available or fit-for-purpose applications, and
  3. properly labelled as ‘Home’ or ‘Industrial’ compostable

Supporting the Plastics Pact

The Confederation of Indian Industry calls on stakeholders from across the plastics value chain to join, support, and take steps towards a circular plastics economy. The India Plastics Pact is part of the Global Plastics Pact network, sharing the same vision: to change the way plastics are designed, used, and reused to transition to a circular economy where plastics never become waste.

Plastics Pacts: a growing global movement

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We can say very proudly, specially all the members, we have come together, we have had several good discussions, we have taken some very important steps through the Collaborative Action Groups. We are moving on the targets, looking at various projects, and bringing out funding partners. A very important role is played by CII, WWF and WRAP: we get phenomenal support from them.

  • Anurag Priyadarshi
  • Deputy General Manager, Community Services, Tata Sustainability Group

India Plastics Pact is doing great work for the industry and for the betterment of plastic waste management.

  • Rahul V Podaar
  • Managing Director, The Shakti Plastics Industries

The India Plastics Pact provides a neutral platform for people like us, who are working on-the-ground running a material recovery facility that gets flooded by different types of plastics, to give feedback directly to brands as to what fractions we are able and not able to collect. This feedback can help brands to take design decisions for their packaging.

  • Wilma Rodrigues
  • Founder and CEO, Saahas Zero Waste

Some of the targets the India Plastics Pact 2030 Roadmap has set helped us frame our own targets, so companies like us would be able to contribute immensely to India’s overall sustainability agenda. We think India Plastics Pact is a vehicle for us to be able to achieve that.

  • Sreemoyee C. Bhattacharyya
  • Sustainability and CSR Manager, Marico

Membership to the India Plastics Pact offers industries a chance to showcase their thought leadership in sustainability, and it has a massive and positive impact on the brand. There is a huge amount of peer-to-peer learning that individual brands and organisations can then take back and implement.

  • Ketan Desai
  • Chief Educator and Sustainability Officer, VAHDAM India

The India Plastics Pact gives businesses a platform to highlight and champion their existing design changes and recycling initiatives and allows member companies to learn from the best practices of others and their peers in the industry. Mondelez is very proud to be associated with the Pact as its founding member and chair of the first Collaborative Action Group to identify problematic and unnecessary plastics.

  • Abhishek Sahay
  • Head – Public and Government Affairs, India, Mondelez International

I had the opportunity to chair the Collaborative Action Group 3, which focuses on ensuring the collection and channelizing of post-consumer plastics waste to waste processors and recyclers is optimal. The CAG is focusing on improving the quality and quantity of recycled material so that more goes to waste processors.

  • Pratibha Priya Dewett
  • Chief Sustainability Officer, Lucro Plastecycle

We believe the India Plastics Pact is a natural extension of our plastic commitments at Hindustan Unilever. We have been the founding members of the India Plastics Pact, and this has also helped us internally to channelize all the targets and work towards it through the various Collaborative Action Groups that we have at the India Plastics Pact.

  • Geetanjali Vats
  • Global Plastics Sustainability Lead – Asia and ANZ, Hindustan Unilever

I think India Plastics Pact plays a very important role in bringing all the different stakeholders across the plastics value chain together to ensure that India works on a more leading front when it comes to recycling and managing plastics better.

  • Marwan Abubaker
  • Co-founder, Hasiru Dala Innovations

The India Plastics Pact aligns with our efforts toward sustainable packaging. It was very important for us to be part of such a group that brought together various stakeholders and all the various elements of the plastic value chain onto one platform to discuss challenges as well as find solutions.

  • Ram Vaidyanathan
  • Associate Vice President – Environmental Sustainability, Godrej Industries Limited and Associate Companies

I think it is a momentous occasion that the India Plastics Pact is the first Plastics Pact in Asia. We are sure that India and the Government of India will benefit tremendously from the expertise and experience of members who are part of the Plastics Pact.

  • Rohan Mishra
  • , Government Relations, Policy Advocacy and Strategic Issues Management, The Coca-Cola Company

The India Plastics Pact holistically addresses the plastic pollution crisis through Target 1, which seeks to address problematic plastics in the value chain, and through Targets 2, 3, and 4, which address the manufacture, use, and circulation of plastics.

  • Shweta Ramdas
  • Sustainability Lead, Amazon India

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