PET tray-to-tray recycling action group


PET thermoforms such as trays and clamshells are commonly used for primary and secondary packaging; the use of these formats is expected to increase with growing e-commerce and food delivery businesses. However, these formats do not get recycled at scale.

The India Plastics Pact has identified PET thermoform trays as a packaging format where inclusion of recycled content can be achieved in the short term, given current regulations (report).

Based on this knowledge, and interest shown by the Pact’s signatories, the Secretariat has invited interested signatories to participate in a trial to initiate PET tray-to-tray recycling in India.


Convene stakeholders to conduct a pilot on PET tray-to-tray recycling. This pilot would contribute to Target 2 and Target 4 of the India Plastics Pact.