Recyclable flexible packaging solutions

Approximately 70% of all plastic packaging used in Indian consumer packaging is flexibles. Recycling rates of flexible packaging in India are very low. Larger packs made from PE or PP mono-material plastic films are collected for recycling to some degree; however, the large proportion of flexible packaging that is multi-polymer, or multi-material (MLP) is not recycled due to its complexity, low value, and lack of viable end-markets.

The lack of recyclability of MLP poses a significant environmental challenge for India andleads to a loss of valuable resources for the Indian economy. To address this challenge, India Plastics Pact is inviting technofinancial bids that will demonstrate the viability of transitioning from non-recyclable multi-polymer multi-material packaging to recyclable mono-material films.

We call upon FMCG brands and converters in India to participate and take the lead in India’s packaging sustainability story!

The objective is to enable successful applicants to demonstrate a positive use case(s) for businesses to investigate and transition to more recyclable film packaging. Successful applicants will not only champion the cause but also inspire other businesses to follow suit.