Roadmap to 2030

Why do we have the Roadmap?

The India Plastics Pact’s Roadmap to 2030 is a shared action plan for building a circular economy for plastic packaging in India. The Roadmap outlines the key activities and outcomes to be achieved by the Pact’s signatories and the wider plastics value chain in India to achieve the Pact’s four ambitious 2030 Targets.

Achieving the Pact’s Targets will significantly benefit India’s plastic waste management system. However, it requires tough decisions to be made along with substantial investment and the Roadmap provides a pathway for this. The Roadmap is a living document and will evolve in future versions as the India Plastics Pact continues to adapt and refine its actions to meet the Targets by 2030.

How was the Roadmap developed?

The Roadmap to 2030 has been developed in consultation with the Members and Supporters of the Pact, including brands, convertors, recyclers, NGOs, and waste management organisations. The Pact’s signatories are committed to creating a circular economy for plastic packaging in India – this Roadmap is a representation of the steps they will take to create a world where plastic is valued and doesn’t pollute the environment.

What does the Roadmap cover ?

  1. Expected outcomes and timeline for delivery for the Pact’s four Targets for 2030.
  2. Activities corresponding to expected outcomes.
  3. Responsible stakeholders for each activity.
  4. Expected challenges to achieving the targets and identifies possible solutions for tackling these.